Fizz Pop Pow Opens New SEO Service In Greenville


(Greer, SC)–With advertising and commerce moving increasingly to digital platforms, more and more companies are relying on professional web design and search engine optimization (SEO) services to help them compete in the marketplace. Businesses in the cities of Greenville and Greer, SC can now take advantage of a new digital marketing agency, Fizz Pop Pow, that has recently opened to serve the area. Offering help with lead generation, email marketing, and social media marketing in addition to web design and SEO, Fizz Pop Pow covers all the bases of digital marketing, according to the company’s website.

“We offer a range of digital marketing services,” said one spokesperson for the Greenville SC SEO Agency, “but I would say that the core of our business is SEO. When we do web design, for example, we are looking at SEO from the very beginning, making sure that the website we create has the structure, the tags, the content, and above all, the keywords that are going to make it friendly to search engines. We find that customers are familiar with the idea of keywords, but they don’t necessarily know how to choose the ones that are going to generate the most traffic to their site.” For each client, Fizz Pop Pow researches appropriate keywords that will lead the most customers to the client. 

Fizz Pop Pow’s Website Development Greenville SC team uses WordPress, a development tool that includes a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy for clients to update their own site. “We’re all big fans of WordPress around here,” commented the spokesperson. “It’s got a great community of developers that are constantly adding plug-ins for every feature our clients could wish for. Also, all of our WordPress sites are responsive, meaning that they are optimized for laptops, tablets, and phones.” Fizz Pop Pow’s websites also come with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Bing Webmaster Tools already installed.

As a welcome to new clients, Fizz Pop Pow offers a free SEO report on its website. Interested clients can input a website URL along with one keyword or phrase. The automatic audit will show how well the website is currently optimized for that keyword. “We hope that the information from the SEO audit motivates clients to invest in SEO,” said the spokesperson. “We’ve observed that paid ads only get a company so far, but managing SEO can keep the traffic coming in over the long term.”

About Fizz Pop Pow

Fizz Pop Pow is a new Greenville, SC Digital Marketing Agency serving the Greenville/Greer, SC area. They offer a range of services designed to create an asset for small businesses. Either through SEO-minded website development, local SEO, or building an email list that a small business can re-market into at will, Fizz Pop Pow uses the latest digital solutions to increase business for their clients. They also offer a free SEO report on their website to show clients how their website stacks up against the competition in the search engines.


The Beginners Guide To Services (Chapter 1)

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